lørdag 17. januar 2015

Very last shots of Lisbon before release!

I was actually going to release this scenery last week, however I decided at the last moment that I am not happy with the way the bridge "25 de Abril" turned out. There are some issues with the blending and transparency, so I decided to look further into it and make new textures for it. This will unfortunately take some time, but I feel that for a structure so dominating in the scenery, it has to look good. It is after all almost "in your face" during the final approach.

Besides the bridge, the great news is that the scenery is more or less complete. I would always like to add more stuff, however as I mentioned earlier last year, in a project such as this you need to know where to draw the line. I could be modeling and adding stuff for years and never get the city 100% complete. Besides that, you the costumer also want a little bit of performance, right?

A new airport has been updated. Alverca LPAR has got a new afcad and lots of buildings, hangars and small clutter to make the airport more alive. I have decided not to include the military airports at this time, however I might add some stuff in an update in the future.

An important note to those who don't own Aerosoft's Lisbon V2: There will be no enhancement to the default LPPT Lisbon International airport. I assume most people who will buy this scenery is very keen on maximum reality so 99% of you will already have Aerosoft's Lisbon V2 or V1 installed.

There is now added traffic to most major highways. Don't set traffic to 100% or it will kill your machine! Trust me, there are lot's of traffic in Lisbon!

Trains, boats, shopping centers, bridges, industrial cranes +++ there are so many things to see and the city has really become alive. Below are my final screenshots before release.


Alverca Airport LPAR


One thing that blew me away is Aerosoft's Night Environment series. The night lighting in combination with this scenery is nothing more than spectacular. Photos don't do justice. It's incredibly close to reality. Here are a few shots with Aerosoft's NE Portugal added.

Here is a photo of Aerosoft's Lisbon V2

The airport blends perfectly in with the scenery although some color mismatch, it still looks quite good.

Lastly... just a little bonus for you all at the end. I couldn't help myself since Lisbon is now complete, here you see my next project in it's very early stage. Can you guess where it is?