fredag 27. mars 2015

3 shots from Faro...

Still very very early stages of development...

Landclass fix available in the download section

Ok, so here is a temporary fix for the strip of city landclass just north of the photoscenery. Just download this file - - and drop it in your LE Lisbon City/scenery folder and overwrite when promted. This will unfortunately change some of the different landclass files and replace it with a more simple one, however this was the only way to quickly solve this problem. I have already started to make a completely new file with detailed landclass to fit better with the surrounding photoscenery and this will be uploaded to as a new installer since there was clearly a big fault with the original scenery. I will also make the new landclass available in the download section for those of you who don't want to wait for to update the installer.

I do apologize for this and I promise that this will be improved in a short time.

Meanwhile please install this temporary fix and enjoy your scenery.

Thank you and regards,
Andreas B.
Latin Enhance

mandag 16. mars 2015

Please comment any faults or suggestions here... Updates/patches comming soon!

I appreciate feedback and in fact it is important to point out faults with the scenery so this can be fixed in a downloadable patch later on. Unfortunately I can't pick up every single fault with the scenery and therefore it is critical that you give your feedback when you find something wrong or something that could be done differently. Also I am open to suggestions for a future update. All updates and fix patches will be available in the download section as soon as possible. In the future there will be made a full downloadable service pack with all the fixes in one installation including any updates or changes done to the scenery. Please use this post to comment any faults or suggestions.

Best regards,
Andreas B.
Latin Enhance 

onsdag 11. mars 2015

Scenery is released!

I am happy to announce that the scenery has been released and ready for purchase and download at Here is a direct link:

Go buy it and enjoy!

Best regards,

Alverca LPAR update

The scenery is complete. The installer has been tested and given the green light by me, so from now on it's up to when they will release the scenery. Release will probably be tomorrow. That was the good news. The bad (if you wan't to call it that), is that I was not able to fix the runway numbers on Alverca aerodrome before the installer was made, so you need to manualy overwrite the file in your scenery after you installed it.

Download this AFCAD file for LPAR here...

Then go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\Latin Enhance Lisbon FSX\Lisbon Airports\Scenery and drop the file there overwriting the old one. Now your airport has the correct numbers. 

Thats it! Now we wait for to release the scenery. Remember, you can always ask any questions here or send an email to for any assistance.

Wish you all a good flight!

Bom voo!