onsdag 11. mars 2015

Alverca LPAR update

The scenery is complete. The installer has been tested and given the green light by me, so from now on it's up to simmarket.com when they will release the scenery. Release will probably be tomorrow. That was the good news. The bad (if you wan't to call it that), is that I was not able to fix the runway numbers on Alverca aerodrome before the installer was made, so you need to manualy overwrite the file in your scenery after you installed it.

Download this AFCAD file for LPAR here...

Then go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\Latin Enhance Lisbon FSX\Lisbon Airports\Scenery and drop the file there overwriting the old one. Now your airport has the correct numbers. 

Thats it! Now we wait for simmarket.com to release the scenery. Remember, you can always ask any questions here or send an email to latinenhance@gmail.com for any assistance.

Wish you all a good flight!

Bom voo!

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