mandag 21. desember 2015

Well, here are the previews of my latest project. I don't think it needs any introduction. Barcelona is slowly but finally getting the attention it deserves and lacks in FSX. I am truly sorry for all of you waiting on Faro and I assure you it will be released however these projects take a massive amount of time to create and I don't want to release Faro just yet as I need to focus on moving along Barcelona  as quickly as possiblefor you all.

Barcelona will be released with all autogen, night textures and many many costum buildings. It is 100% compatible with Aerosofts LEBL as well and I will include a simple model of the heliport and cruise terminal. More screenshots to come over the new year.
Enjoy my 3 screenshots and see you all next year! Wish you all a merry X-mas and a happy new year!

Best regards,
Andreas B.
Latin Enhance

torsdag 22. oktober 2015

New scenery in progress... Faro on hold...

Sometimes my head starts wandering and I loose focus on the task at hand. Faro has been put on hold, however there is some good news. I have been working very hard these last days on a new mega project that is currently 50% complete. It will be bigger than Lisbon and feature many more custom objects and better photoscenery. Faro will still be released first and the new project shortly afterwards. I will announce the new scenery in a couple of weeks with many screenshots and a better and more exact date of when to expect release.

I'm sorry to all of you anxious for the Faro scenery, but trust me when I say this new project will be worth the wait. Thank you all for your comments!

All the best,
Andreas Bachmann
Latin Enhance

torsdag 30. juli 2015

Faro is still creeping along...

Ok, a one man team (if you can call one man a team) still needs his vacation time. It's that part of the year, and Faro has almost crawled to a stop for the last few weeks. Also, since I do have a full time job, a wife, three favorite hobbies, paragliding, kitesurfing and of course flightsimulators, things need to get prioritized and unfortunately scenery creation is not on the top of my list lately. Fortunately though, since I travel A LOT when working, there are many many hours of airport transfer time that is utilized for scenery creation.

I will be posting some more shots soon. In the meantime, enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Best regards,
Andreas Bachmann
Latin Enhance

torsdag 4. juni 2015

Faro is getting some detail...

Ok, so the city of Faro itself is 99% complete and although extremely detailed, I get stable 30 FPS with my 3 year old pc, so this should not be an issue for most of you. I have tried to apply some different density settings to the buildings so that you will be able to reduce the scenery slider if you are suffering with your machine.

Work has now started on the city of Olhão, east of Faro and the city is extremely dense in real life, so placing all the buildings will certainly take some time. Its currently about 30% complete. After that there is some autogen surrounding the cities and placing traffic as well as some clutter scenery to make the reagion really come alive.

After all this is complete the photosceneries will get their final adjustments to line up the photo tiles exactly and some color matching. This scenery is highly recommended used together with FTX Global. It looks fantastic!

I have done so many flights from Lisbon to Faro that I have lost count! It's such a pleasure to fly between the two cities. I really hope I can release this soon, however, I think you will find it was worth the wait. I hope so anyways...

Enough talk... let's see some screenshots...

Faro in all its glory!

The resorts and golf courses on final approach...

Beach life!

 City of Olhão, as you can see there is still a lot of work to be done here...

Coverage area of Faro...

fredag 27. mars 2015

3 shots from Faro...

Still very very early stages of development...

Landclass fix available in the download section

Ok, so here is a temporary fix for the strip of city landclass just north of the photoscenery. Just download this file - - and drop it in your LE Lisbon City/scenery folder and overwrite when promted. This will unfortunately change some of the different landclass files and replace it with a more simple one, however this was the only way to quickly solve this problem. I have already started to make a completely new file with detailed landclass to fit better with the surrounding photoscenery and this will be uploaded to as a new installer since there was clearly a big fault with the original scenery. I will also make the new landclass available in the download section for those of you who don't want to wait for to update the installer.

I do apologize for this and I promise that this will be improved in a short time.

Meanwhile please install this temporary fix and enjoy your scenery.

Thank you and regards,
Andreas B.
Latin Enhance

mandag 16. mars 2015

Please comment any faults or suggestions here... Updates/patches comming soon!

I appreciate feedback and in fact it is important to point out faults with the scenery so this can be fixed in a downloadable patch later on. Unfortunately I can't pick up every single fault with the scenery and therefore it is critical that you give your feedback when you find something wrong or something that could be done differently. Also I am open to suggestions for a future update. All updates and fix patches will be available in the download section as soon as possible. In the future there will be made a full downloadable service pack with all the fixes in one installation including any updates or changes done to the scenery. Please use this post to comment any faults or suggestions.

Best regards,
Andreas B.
Latin Enhance 

onsdag 11. mars 2015

Scenery is released!

I am happy to announce that the scenery has been released and ready for purchase and download at Here is a direct link:

Go buy it and enjoy!

Best regards,

Alverca LPAR update

The scenery is complete. The installer has been tested and given the green light by me, so from now on it's up to when they will release the scenery. Release will probably be tomorrow. That was the good news. The bad (if you wan't to call it that), is that I was not able to fix the runway numbers on Alverca aerodrome before the installer was made, so you need to manualy overwrite the file in your scenery after you installed it.

Download this AFCAD file for LPAR here...

Then go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\Latin Enhance Lisbon FSX\Lisbon Airports\Scenery and drop the file there overwriting the old one. Now your airport has the correct numbers. 

Thats it! Now we wait for to release the scenery. Remember, you can always ask any questions here or send an email to for any assistance.

Wish you all a good flight!

Bom voo!

tirsdag 24. februar 2015

Documentation ready for download...

I have uploaded the documentation and user manual for Lisbon City so you can have a short read and see if this addon is something you'd still like to buy when it's released on

Click on the link below and download:

lørdag 21. februar 2015

Lisbon City Scenery uploaded to!

So the scenery is finally officially finished and uploaded to I was informed by Simmarket however, that there needs to be some testing done with the installers before they can release the product to ensure everything is working perfectly and that no files are gone missing in the process. It makes sense, however since I've now left for a 3 week vacation I will not be able to test anything before returning home in March. It's unfortunate indeed, however I do understand why Simmarket want's this testing done since they are the ones actually making the installer.

I know this is bad news for some of you but hang in there! The product is on Simmarket's table waiting for the green light to release the product. A few weeks and it will be available.

All the best,
Andreas B.

lørdag 17. januar 2015

Very last shots of Lisbon before release!

I was actually going to release this scenery last week, however I decided at the last moment that I am not happy with the way the bridge "25 de Abril" turned out. There are some issues with the blending and transparency, so I decided to look further into it and make new textures for it. This will unfortunately take some time, but I feel that for a structure so dominating in the scenery, it has to look good. It is after all almost "in your face" during the final approach.

Besides the bridge, the great news is that the scenery is more or less complete. I would always like to add more stuff, however as I mentioned earlier last year, in a project such as this you need to know where to draw the line. I could be modeling and adding stuff for years and never get the city 100% complete. Besides that, you the costumer also want a little bit of performance, right?

A new airport has been updated. Alverca LPAR has got a new afcad and lots of buildings, hangars and small clutter to make the airport more alive. I have decided not to include the military airports at this time, however I might add some stuff in an update in the future.

An important note to those who don't own Aerosoft's Lisbon V2: There will be no enhancement to the default LPPT Lisbon International airport. I assume most people who will buy this scenery is very keen on maximum reality so 99% of you will already have Aerosoft's Lisbon V2 or V1 installed.

There is now added traffic to most major highways. Don't set traffic to 100% or it will kill your machine! Trust me, there are lot's of traffic in Lisbon!

Trains, boats, shopping centers, bridges, industrial cranes +++ there are so many things to see and the city has really become alive. Below are my final screenshots before release.


Alverca Airport LPAR


One thing that blew me away is Aerosoft's Night Environment series. The night lighting in combination with this scenery is nothing more than spectacular. Photos don't do justice. It's incredibly close to reality. Here are a few shots with Aerosoft's NE Portugal added.

Here is a photo of Aerosoft's Lisbon V2

The airport blends perfectly in with the scenery although some color mismatch, it still looks quite good.

Lastly... just a little bonus for you all at the end. I couldn't help myself since Lisbon is now complete, here you see my next project in it's very early stage. Can you guess where it is?