lørdag 21. februar 2015

Lisbon City Scenery uploaded to Simmarket.com!

So the scenery is finally officially finished and uploaded to Simmarket.com. I was informed by Simmarket however, that there needs to be some testing done with the installers before they can release the product to ensure everything is working perfectly and that no files are gone missing in the process. It makes sense, however since I've now left for a 3 week vacation I will not be able to test anything before returning home in March. It's unfortunate indeed, however I do understand why Simmarket want's this testing done since they are the ones actually making the installer.

I know this is bad news for some of you but hang in there! The product is on Simmarket's table waiting for the green light to release the product. A few weeks and it will be available.

All the best,
Andreas B.

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