torsdag 22. oktober 2015

New scenery in progress... Faro on hold...

Sometimes my head starts wandering and I loose focus on the task at hand. Faro has been put on hold, however there is some good news. I have been working very hard these last days on a new mega project that is currently 50% complete. It will be bigger than Lisbon and feature many more custom objects and better photoscenery. Faro will still be released first and the new project shortly afterwards. I will announce the new scenery in a couple of weeks with many screenshots and a better and more exact date of when to expect release.

I'm sorry to all of you anxious for the Faro scenery, but trust me when I say this new project will be worth the wait. Thank you all for your comments!

All the best,
Andreas Bachmann
Latin Enhance

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  1. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  2. Friend.
    and will be P3DV3 compatibility??

  3. sorry for my mistake, delete them
    I mean compatible

  4. Is the new scenery Porto? :-)

    That would be nice. Lisbon, Faro and Porto well modelled. Three towns well modelled to match the three great airports we have for them...

    Is it Porto? :-P

  5. It's not Porto, sorry... however I think you all will be pleased with the project as soon as I announce it together with screenshots. It's a bigger city and project than Lisbon :)

    The Lisbon scenery was tested by another user and was reported to work perfectly in P3D V2. With version 3 things have changed a bit and since I don't own any Prepar3D versions I cannot guarantee compatability. I do however have a friend who will do the testing for me when everything is complete.

    Just to give you an idea of where things are at the moment, the photoscenery is 80% complete. I haven't started on the night textures yet and that is extremely time consuming. I have already finished approx 30+ landmarks around the city and half of those still need texturing. My plan now is to finish the texturing and place the models on the photoscenery so I can take some screenshots for you. It looks very nice in my opinion, but it's your opinion that really counts, and I can't wait to show it off soon!

    In this project I also want to do 100% photoscenery with autogen and this could take some time. So please have some patience and good things will come shortly I hope :)

    Thank you and regards,
    Andreas B.