onsdag 10. september 2014

New Lisbon scenery for FSX

Currently in development, the complete city of Lisbon for the Flight Simulator X series.

Features for the scenery are:

  • Hybrid photo scenery (a mix of photoscenery and landclass) daytime + night textures
  • Custom objects
  • Hand placed autogen. Not automatic generated, so all autogen are in the correct place
  • Hundreds of hand placed default FSX objects
  • Adjusted position of default objects to fit the photoscenery exactly
  • Blend textures to blend in with the default FSX scenery
  • Enhanced scenery for Cascais aerodrome
  • More to be announced later
The scenery is to be expected released end of 2014 or early 2015 depending on time available. Latin Enhance is a one man team so things obviously take time. Already I've worked approx 300 hours on this project alone. 

Status of the project is as follow:
  • Photoscenery - 80% complete
  • Autogen - 60% complete
  • Other (traffic/excludes/custom objects etc) - 60% complete
A few photos

7 kommentarer:

  1. Nice project!!!! Do you need help? I would like to contact you! where I can find your e-mail?

  2. Hi Bruno and thank you!

    You may contact me on latinenhance@gmail.com

  3. Really nice looking scenery!

    Will it be compatible with MegaSceneryEarth Portugal?

  4. Yes it is compatible, however the Megascenery Portugal is tan/yellow in color. My photo scenery is a lot greener so you will see the transition. You will also need to remove some files from the Megascenery and this will be described in the manual.

  5. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  6. Hello, are you still working on this project?
    Sorry for this question;-)!