torsdag 18. februar 2016


Lot's and lot's of autogen... over 10 thousand hand placed buildings and trees... and counting...

Barcelona is coming alive! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Amazing. it sees beatiful, wonderful. When do you think that it will be available?

  2. Amazing. it sees beatiful, wonderful. When do you think that it will be available?

  3. Very hard to say. I'm working hard on the night textures right now. Autogen is only 50% done. The coverage area is huge! Should be getting very close in June/July (no guarantees though). Also I am going to finish Faro and release them together. Faro is 95% complete.

  4. Hi.
    Firstly, sorry again for my english, is very poor

    If you want, I have some pictures of barcelona. Do you want them?
    You can see the city texture and buildings and update it. Because the mayority of textures are not correct. They don´t look the reality. It is only in my opinion.
    I have too, If you are interested, I can send you pictures of other spanish city for your new project.
    I have pictures of Santiago Compostela, Is a beatiful city and Famous by the church and the XACOBEO (look at in internet, what is it?)
    If anything has got your interest my E-mail is
    I only want to help

  5. Hi Juan, you're english is perfect, don't worry :) Thank you for your feedback. I am very aware that the texture probably don't reflect Barcelona 100% and I can certainly update these in the future. Please keep in mind that my projects are not "cityscapes" in that sense that they will be 100% accurate to the real thing. My only goal is to create a "feel" to the city and it certainly looks 10 times better than the default scenery anyways. Keep in mind that I am creating this scenery alone and it's extremely time consuming work. I've spent over 48 hours on autogen alone. Then there is the phototextures, watermasks, blendmasks and now I am working on the night textures. Also I am working on costum buildings in between as well. Right now the textures will stay as they are, however after it's released, please send me all the photos you like and I can certainly try to update them in the future. If I stop progress now and start changing things that are already done I will never finish. I hope you understand that. However, I really do appreciate the feedback and I certainly value your opinion :)

    Thank you and regards,
    Andreas Bachmann

  6. I can understad that, firstly finish it. I only want to help you and that you can make a better scenery that it looks more realistic. I am agree you, the city looks better than default.
    I am very interested in Barcelona. When you want the pictures, you say me.
    If you are interested in Santiago like a next project. Please, contact me.
    I would love to help you