søndag 15. mai 2016

Barcelona with scenery and autogen sliders to the max!

I have been extremely busy these last days on completing the autogen and placing some objects around the city. The city is really comming to life now and I should finish with all the autogen in a couple of weeks now. I want to create some custom scenery around the port and especially along the final approach into El Prat for max realism, so that will take some additional time. Also, I am in the process of finalizing the photoscenery southwest of the airport that will stretch until the foot of the mountains. I really hope (fingers and toes crossed) that the project will be complete this fall. I really want to deliver a solid product with maximum realism and performance and that is why it is taking such a great amount of time. The good news is that we are getting very close now. I know you all are impatient... just like me! However, it should be perfect prior to release.

I have also received lots of questions about prepar3d and compatability. As this scenery contains standard FSX autogen and no airport scenery, there should be no issues. This time however I will test this scenery with prepar3d to make sure it is 100% compatible prior to release. Should everything work fine it will be released earlier, if not it might get delayed, however I am positive it will work perfectly with both versions.

Just so you can compare, my pc is now 4 years old with a  i7-3820 @ 3.60GHz processor and a AMD Radeon HD 7900 3GB GDDR5 graphics card. With almost all sliders to the max I get a stable 22-25fps almost the entire time.

Many of you have Aerosoft's night environment extreme and I wanted to show you some screenshots of Barcelona at night. I took the screenshots on the final approach to El Prat to show you what you can expect. I thing the result is incredible!

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