lørdag 24. desember 2016

Roadmap for 2017

So, it's Christmas again and I'm sorry to say the scenery is still not ready. I was planning on releasing prior to Christmas then suddenly two things happened...

First there was another Barcelona scenery that got released and I thought to myself that in order for anybody to even consider buying my scenery it must be much much better and more detailed that the other scenery released by my competitor. So therefore I started making plans on what to improve.

Secondly, 3 major developers announced that they would release a new LEBL airport scenery also. Most of them also decided to include the surrounding area. Not extremely detailed, however I need my scenery to be at least 95% compatible with all of them prior to release.

With these new recent developments, things obviously got pushed back a lot. One LEBL scenery has released already however I'm awaiting for another bigger developer to release their scenery before moving ahead because I am certain most people will prefer this developers scenery. After this has been released I will start making everything compatible.

This doesn't mean that work has stopped. I am still working on many custom objects and finishing the autogen. So there is still progress. All I can say is that when it's released it will be extremely detailed and very complete which I think most of you will appreciate when you finally have it installed on your computer.

So by this I will leave you with a few screenshots and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you all in 2017!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Andreas!! Great scenery!!! When can we buy your beatiful work? Can't wait to purchase it. The other one is Prealsoft, but a little bit less in quality then yours I think. Don't forget the details of the Collserola Tower (white flash lights). Hope to purchase soon!!😀 Cheers and good luck with the last things!✌️👍

  2. By far, can I buy / download your product from you? Can't wait!! Thanks for replying!